Let us be your guide from concept to comp and beyond.

Our prototypes will give you clarity when you need to make critical decisions and communicate your vision to production.

Consider the needs of the modern designer. It's no longer a simple world of one color printing and the occasional spot varnish. As printing technology expands the options and tools at your disposal, balancing these variables can become a challenge. Communicating your intentions also can become a nerve-racking and costly process. A final press proof might be too late to decide the foil you selected doesn't read from a few feet away. Let us alleviate anxiety and provide clarity. The comps, prototypes, mock-ups and production targets we can produce for you will assist you to clearly see, decide, and communicate.  



We understand the importance of accurate color, texture, finish, look, and feel. Everything needs to reflect your vision. Our experience has given us the ability to build a studio with the tools and talent to create comps, prototypes, and mockups that precisely reflect production and your designs.



When you are part of a team your actions and decisions effect others. We know your meeting will not wait and neither will production. Timelines that have been established weeks ago need to be respected. Our role is to meet your deadlines quickly and effeciently.


You can have clarity when making key design decisions. You can communicate to clients and decision makers accurately and manage expectations. You can carry a complex design through to production without costly errors and confusion. That is the value in what we do and the service we provide.